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The world's largest and unique 3d model library.


As we all know, metaverse universes are only just beginning to be heard. In the future, metaverse uses, land appropriations will increase considerably. At this point, rare 3d nft models that we have created can be used for metaverse platforms and you can be the owner of these rare nfts that will increase in value day by day.

Also, we want to highlight the Most important point, thanks to this project we are creating a huge library of 3d models that can be used on metaverse platforms. With an nft you purchase from our "RARE 3D METAVERSE" project, you will benefit from this library we have created free of charge for life. Your wallet code is automatically detected and you become our LIFETIME VIP MEMBER.

In addition to all these, another privilege that our VIP members will gain will be a personal web page special for you on NFTpages.net On this page, you can share your NFT projects, promote your social media accounts, and automatically promote your page on social media.

RARE 3D METAVERSE PROJECT is a collection of unique well-designed 3D model united together to get on the Ethereum Blockchain Each 3D asset is unique and exclusive rare based on hundreds of traits. Our goal is to create the best community in the NFT space. This is the chance for you to multiple your investment and be part of generous donations, since we have a huge love for charity.

Who Are We

Welcome aboard. We are undergraduate students studying Architecture and Interior Architecture disciplines. We use our work both to support my educational activities and to produce quality VIP services for our valued members.

The idea of ​​creating a 3d model library for Metaverse platforms. It was a project that we wanted to develop when the name Metaverse was just beginning to be heard. We have created this platform where we can grow and win together with your partnership.

We plan to produce a total of 1000 NFTs, 642 of which are currently live for sale on the OPENSEA platform. With every NFT you receive, you become a partner in our project and gain VIP status.

At the moment, we have presented our NFTs to you at very affordable prices, but we have no doubt that you will add to our earnings with a constantly increasing graph when our project is completed.

We trust our project. When you trust us, we will grow together.


We love the incredible art of our project, but this is not enough. If you become a member of the RARE 3D METAVERSE PROJECT you get utilities and benefits which will increase more and more after Launch.


You can be part of great charities and earn money to the same time. We are planning merchandise sales of the #3DMETASEA. A percentage of the revenue will be distributed to holders.


Rare 3d Metaverse Project members will have access to our community funds and will be rewarded constantly.


A big party will be organised to reward all of our holdersand to celebrate the ac


In the meanwhile our dev team and our design artists are working on #3DMETASEA. A specific percentage of #RARE3DMETAVERSE holders will get free NFT's.


Our route to reach The King

We are planning to work with great textile companies in order to launch great merchandise. Quality is our guideline in everything we are doing, so we are looking for experts and for awesome fabric. RARE members will be participated in the revenue of the merch.


After launch we are going to buy some land on Decentraland or Sandbox. RARE members are going to be able to use the land as a club and will have access for private rare member events in the metaverse!


We don’t accept finish and will always work on this project for generating more income for you holders and for the entire community. All early members will be happy about joining the rare and others will regret not being part of it!



Community comes first! This will be the same for the whole time! That is why our dev team is working hard on the technical issues in order to ensure excellent mint conditions. We will announce the exact mint date once we prepared a great base for investors to be part of our mint.


As we said in the beginning, utilities for all holders! RARE members who are holding 3 ETS and will not list them on secondary market, are going to be eligible for getting a 3DMETASEA! Our team of designers are working on a 3D models of it!!


Mint is planned to be in late January.

The mint is going to take place on 3dmetasea.com . Follow us on Twitter for detailed information.

The price at Presale will be 0.1 Eth and on Pulib Sale 0.5 Eth.

Only active rare members have the chance to be whitelisted. Follow us and be active on Twitter,Instagram and co.!

After mint day you can become rare member with the help of secondary market. The rare3dmetaverse will only be on Opensea!

The collection will be on the Ethereum Blockchain.